My name is Melissa Treadgold and as a Registered Architect I have helped many home owners find the right solutions for their home renovations. I have seen so many houses that have been badly renovated - often several times - and the renovations just don't suit the house or the needs of the owners. Some renovations destroy the character of the house and often devalue the property.

A lot of money has been wasted on renovation mistakes!

Your home is more than just a place to live, it's a long term investment and renovating it right the first time will reward you more than you could imagine.

The right decisions when renovating will have a huge impact on the value of your property and the quality of your life.

Everyone deserves a great place to live - a secure, peaceful environment to relax, eat, sleep, nurture yourself, your family, friends and for your personal development.

Houses are my passion....

I've worked with home owners on various styles of houses including Australian Federation, Californian bungalow, Mid-Century Modern, Terrace Houses and Farmhouses.

I've even turned old warehouses into homes I love all these styles and like to design renovations to respect the original integrity of the building while updating the house to suit the current owners' needs.

Even if your home has no particular style - or even if it's the "ugly duckling" in your street - it can still be renovated into something really special.

I have many repeat clients - it's always a pleasure to get together again to help them with their next home renovation project.

I help home owners with their renovations from start to finish.

How To Avoid Those Costly Renovation Mistakes

  • Don't waste time and money having casual chats to the local builder or getting plans drawn up by a friend of a friend who doesn't have design qualifications and doesn't understand what you really want and the results you are trying to achieve.
  • The design drawings and specifications are the most important documents to ensure that your house is renovated the way you want.
  • Get the right professionals working for you to design your renovation and achieve the results that are right for you and right for your house.
  • But you have to be realistic about your renovation budget - what you can really afford and what are your real priorities.
  • You may find that you don't always need to renovate the whole house or build a huge addition - often a small ingenious change will make a big difference!
  • If you invest in the best quality materials and workmanship for your budget it is the best long term investment.
  • It's important to put your new kitchen, bathrooms or your staircase in the right place. They are expensive to build and even more expensive to relocate later.
  • Bedrooms and bathrooms are private - and shouldn't open onto living areas.
  • Don't be too "trendy". Choose what you like and what suits your home. A classic design will stand the test of time.
  • Be brave with COLOUR - let your personality shine through!
  • Don't miss the opportunity to "go green" make your renovations eco- friendly.
  • Make sure your new rooms are the right size and can be furnished the way you want.
  • With a great design you can "future-proof" your house so you won't need to renovate again or move!
  • Imagine What The Right Renovation Will Do - For YOU....

  • the right renovation will actually save you money - do it right the first time and you wont have to pay for costly mistakes in the future
  • you will be able to come home to a peaceful sanctuary after a rough day at work (and stop thinking about renovating!)
  • your house will be easier to clean
  • get you that beautiful new bedroom and sexy ensuite bathroom
  • give you some peace and quiet. Put all that noisy technology in its own media room
  • save money and stop the cold showers by installing a solar hot water heater
  • make way for a new home office
  • your teenagers can have their own space (will they ever leave home?)
  • give you more light and sunshine in the house
  • provide that extra storage for everyone's stuff - the bed linen, camping and sport gear, wet weather gear, suitcases, sewing and craft stuff
  • at last, a secure place for your cars, bikes tools, garden equipment and all those bits and pieces we all collect in a drawer somewhere
  • For Your Property....

  • give your home that stunning street appeal
  • sort out that rabbit warren at the back of your house that's been built ad hoc over the years
  • fix up those problem areas like sagging ceilings, rising damp, bad site drainage, poor under-floor ventilation, broken sewer pipes, dark and mouldy rooms, dangerous electrical wiring
  • it's the chance to go green and become more energy efficient
  • insulation is your best friend! Government grants can help you finance this money saving benefit
  • make that unused and boring backyard a wonderful entertaining space, a safe, interesting play area for your children or even a place to practice your golf putting
  • and not to forget - the opportunity to increase the value of your home
  • Let's Get Your Renovation Started!

    I know from personal experience that undertaking a home renovation can be a daunting prospect.

    You probably bought your house intending to renovate as soon as possible.

    You may have inherited renovation plans with your house and you've realised that those plans just aren't right for you.

    But time has gone by and your realise you just cannot put it off any longer.

    You need more space and you need it NOW!

    Start a scrapbook...

    Your ideas and dreams are my inspiration. Having a special 'home renovation' scrapbook or folder with photos and ideas you like from magazines and books will help us get your renovations underway.

    Write down your wish list!

    How I Work With You...

    You can be assured, I am a great listener and my goal is to make sure you can tick all the boxes on your wish list!

    I will work closely with you so you will know exactly what you will be getting - from the foundations to the roof!

    First, I meet with you at your home to discuss ideas.

    I make sure I am familiar with the style and details of your house and understand the possibilities that your property may offer.

    From my local knowledge I will advise you about any government planning issues such as Heritage preservation that may affect your property.

    Our first meeting may uncover an ingenious solution or unexpected idea that is right for you.

    The next step is to design sketch plans . There are usually several options to consider so I will design different layouts. I will show you how to make the best use of your renovation budget by optimising the space and amenities you already have and then I will design your renovations to suit your house and your needs.

    I will then prepare all the documents to obtain planning and building approvals and will liaise with the local authorities on your behalf.

    As I am not affiliated with any building contractor, once you have your renovation plans, you are free to get quotes for the building work and choose the right builder for your renovation.

    When renovating there are many details to be considered - materials and colours to be chosen.

    It is part of my work to keep up with the new products and suppliers and advise you which ones are most suitable for your project. This information is included in the specifications for the builders quotes.

    I will also help you with other consultants you may need such as an engineer, surveyor, interior designer or landscape designer.

    I will even go shopping with you to help find some fantastic products for your new home!

    Here Are Some Of My Favourite Design Features...
  • living rooms opening onto big verandahs
  • heart-of-the-home kitchens
  • window seats
  • big pantries and big laundries
  • cosy bedrooms, beautiful furnishings and places to be creative
  • natural materials like timber and stone
  • colours that enhance your environment - inside and out places for books, art, music and your favourite hobbies
  • What About Architect's Fees?

    As your building project is individual, my fees are tailored to your project.

    There are different fee arrangements and these vary depending on the type and size of the renovation planned.

    I will discuss the fee arrangements available for you on my first visit.

    Generally, my work is divided into stages and fees are also paid in stages.

  • Schematic design drawings
  • Development Application or Complying Development documents
  • Specifications and detailed drawings
  • Contract supervision & administration during construction
  • My Guarantee To You

    I guarantee to help you achieve your home renovation goals with enthusiasm, professionalism, personal service....

    and we will have some fun along the way.

    To make an appointment for me to visit you in your home

    Phone 02 9958 0010